Talk about your project or business, showcase your products and services : a presence online is nowadays a must have!

We can support you creating a website for your activity.

Creative design, flexible layouts and features, we use the WordPress format to build up a site to fulfill your requirements.

Delivered projects


A social network created for one purpose : connect artists from all around the world, and all skills and backgrounds !

People share their work and look for team member to achieve projects together.

Member profiles and search, ads, posts, activity wall, live chat, project management… Plenty of features were implemented !


This website was of course created by us.

Original design, online shop, appointments, proposals and project management. Showcase, sell and follow up.

Explore it and see what we can do for you !

Nick Bulavin

Nick Bulavin is a music composer, sound designer, recordist and live sound engineer, with a passion for video games, music, and film, based in Shanghai, China.

Nick needed to migrate his site from Wix to WordPress, and we made it!

“Vincent was very helpful and very easy to work with. The migration of the website including all the functionality it required went fast and smooth and didn’t require any downtime. Vincent also recommended some redesigns and better implementation of certain features, which made the website faster and more user friendly.”

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Storage of your media

Your delivered files are stored on our servers for 1 year after delivery.

Accessible 24/7.

Quick response and service

Once applied and your input materials posted, we do our best to release your media as soon as possible.

Integrated follow up

For longer projects you can track project activities in your private space on our website.

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