Your Restaurant – Behind The Scenes

by | Jul 8, 2021

Show the backstage of your restaurant

villa le bec shanghai cour inner yard
Dinner time. Hungry clients pass the door of your restaurant, they are given menus.
Once the choice is made, a ticket arrives in the kitchen.
“-1 roasted fish with broccoli, 2 steaks with mushrooms, 1 avocado salad, 5 beef gravy!
– Yes Sir!”
Your Restaurant – Behind The Scenes
Metallic noises, crispy roasts sing, bursts of flames light up the kitchen…
Like a rolling gearbox, all team members put their skills and actions together to deliver the dishes. The smell in the kitchen is absolutely amazing. All these blended noble fragrances are definitely a unique signature.
Then the continuous ballet keeps on going through the whole service. Between orders and deliveries, you put the best in your food to make your clients happy and willing to come back.
You have chosen this occupation to share your love of cuisine. The restaurant industry is so intense and demanding that you do this with passion!
You have the full picture, from raw ingredients to the final dish presentation. The cuisine is just one side, because some other team members also prepare covers, and do everything to offer the best experience!
Your clients only see the final product and service, but what if I told you that they would be curious to discover your world?
Another way to share your passion and engage your clients in what you love and do.

About this page

All pictures on this page were taken at Villa Le Bec.
Jean-Baptiste and Vincent had spent 2 days at the villa, capturing all moments of the day in every place.
Paying attention to all traffic flow in order to not disrtub the service, all these images were captured “live”.

Days of shooting

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Two foodie photographers!

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Jean-Baptiste BLANC

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Dexterous handiwork, focused eyes, steam, flames, smokes, beautiful dishes…
We practice discretion and get used to your environment to capture the best shots we can.
After post-treatment, all contents are shared with you.

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