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Light Painting in Jing An - FYM

Light Painting in Jing An

by | Jan 31, 2020 | 0 comments

How did we create these images ?

Camera mounted on a tripod, as a long exposure was required and we need the background to be sharp. Once the shutter is opened, the model stays in the frame while the photographer and/or partner “paints” around with the light.

For the first image, a fusion of 4 pictures was applied to obtain this result. The others were done in 1 take.


F22, 100 ISO

10-30 seconds (and even more, depending on the needs)

Camera mounted on tripod

Pre timer set at least on 2 seconds. Or a remote to avoid touching the body and shake involuntarily and have a blur.

Once the capture has started, draw everything you can !

For example on 30 seconds :

0 to 20 seconds ==> Draw with lights around the character

20 to 30 seconds ==> The character leaves the frame and no light is painted behind him/her.


We can support you developing creative images !