“Le journal débridé” – French Chinese collaborative work

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Li Song is a Chinese comedian with perfect French living in Shanghai.

Every two weeks, he releases a new video in French about:

  • News in China
  • Latest Chinese internet trends (including social media and apps)
  • Chinese language tips (pronunciation, phrases, history of language)

He also invites a mystery French guest for a fresh perspective on life in China.

Our work process:

  1. Gaëlle Déchelette, the editorial director, uses her knowledge and experience to create informative, offbeat and yet fun content
  2. Video shot of Li Song by Ray in Shanghai.
  3. Video is edited by Yann Legargeant in France
  4. Video is published on social media.

All motion design elements were created by Ray.

We believe great work should never be limited by geography, and international collaboration is the norm for us.


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